Expert for European Commission (INEA, H2020), for ADEME (French Agency for Environment & Energy), advisor for several corporate firms, Gabriel create FabMob (la Fabrique des Mobilités) dedicated on open source x Mobility for creating a new common culture. Writer, speaker and teacher, he aims to inspire major transitions in the field of mobility.

Gabriel has an in depth knowledge of the mobility field, and an unparalleled ability to understand its driving forces and evolution. His analyses are a must read to anyone wanting to get an insight into the future of mobility. Y.Leriche, Transdev – Chief Performance Officer

His vision and knowledge is quite impressive and he knows initializing paths to drive the mobility ecosystem towards sustainable concrete solutions D.Levent, Renault – Creative Team Dir.

Gabriel is a rare profile and could define the fashionable term “intrapreneurship” … An essential pivot for new thinking on the evolution of mobility, it is a force of positive influence P.Meda, icopilots

Gabriel is the archetype of Linchpin described by Seth Godin. At the same time author, facilitator & connector, it plays a vital role of “bridge” between men, business & areas S.Schultz – 15Marches

Through his blog, his notes, or the mobility platform he runs for ADEME, Gabriel is a real accelerator of the transformation of society CJ.Couderc – VP Head of strategy PSA group

Gabriel has developped a strong network on future mobility. He has thoughtfull, reliable, and brilliant knowledge on this topic, and a vast experience on various issues on auto strategies, urban mobility, and global mobility Gregoire Postel-Vinay – Responsable de la stratégie, Direction générale de la compétitivité de l’industrie, Ministère de l’Industrie

Future of transportation, industrial ecosystem, startups advices and corporate firms transitions, Bicycle & Walk, Engines, fuels and energies for transportation, Urban mobility, ITS, collective intelligence, platform economy.